Ricambi Motori Diesel have worked by now for many years in the sector of the distribution of the Injection Equipment For Diesel Engines. Maybe you still know however, not there! To such purpose afterwards we list here, for your consideration, the "original" and adaptable principal marks and good quality products, today available:

OMAP (England)
Pumping elements, delivery valves, Injection nozzles, Nozzle holders, Injectors, Injection pumps Gr. K&Q for ACME - AIFO - ALTECNA - BELARUS - R. BOSCH - BRYCE BERGER - CATERPILLAR - DELPHI - CIPA - DAIMLER BENZ - DEUTZ MAG - DIELE KIKI - DISA - DUCATI - FARYMANN - FIAT OM - FIAT V.I. - FRIEDMANN & MAYER - GENERAL MOTORS - K.H.D. - LOMBARDINI - MASSEY FERGUSON - MOTORI SLANZI - MWM - NIPPONDENSO - PERKINS - RENAULT RVI - RENAULT TRACTEURS - RUGGERINI - RUSTON - SIGMA - SIMMS - V.M. , Hydraulic heads, Cam rings, elliptical rings, dosage valves, Solenoids, Kit Washers for Bosch & Lucas pumps, Filters, principal replacements for injection pumps and injectors, etc.

DELPHI (England)
Injection pump DPA - DPC - DPS SIMS MINIMAC - NUMERIC, Hydraulic heads, Cam rings, elliptical rings, Dosage valves, Solenoids, Washer Kit, Sensors, Actuators EPIC pump replacements, Head pump, Rebuilt injection pumps (with warranty), Lucas Nozzles, Rotodiesel, linear pumps valves.

Pompe AB P MV. VE P700 Common Rail VP Elettronic Nozzles, pumping to valve and replacements for everything.

Fuel injector for Ford Transit & John Deere (Pencil Injectors), Rotative pumps and relative replacements, injector and relative replacements.

B.C.D. - CORONA (Italy)
Fuel pumps, vacuum pumps, feed plungers pumps, hand primers and precleaners.

O-rings, A/B/D pump type equipment - SIMMS, repair Kit, BH type rotation pump replacements, Lucas type pump replacements, replacements for regulator Fiat RPB-RPVA-RPVB, replacements for regulator type P-RQ - P-RQV-LDA - RSV, replacements for pneumatic regulator - soft series, Replacements Pump training, pipes I refuse and return, aluminium, copper, paper, desk pipes garnishing tries, Adescatore CAT, carriages pipes series and industrialists, connectors vehicles to eye, caps of Bryce-Gadner, Kit garnishings, CAT garnishings replacements protection.

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